Experience tombstones made simple

Save 93% of the time taken to prepare consistent custom tombstones for proposals 



Experience database platform

Law firm and investment banking professionals record information about client engagements for the following benefits:

✓ Ensure consistent data structure between service lines     ✓ Protect undisclosed and confidential information from release
✓ Assign granular user permissions for workflow                   ✓ Easily create marketing templates to promote services
✓ Search and export data from one trusted source                ✓ Mitigate knowledge loss from personnel turnover

Automatically create tombstones from database information

Information stored in Pitchly can be linked to templates designed by users to create tombstones for RFPs and pitches.

✓ Ensure consistent design between service lines      ✓ Update one template to update entire tombstone library
✓ Create a library of templates for different services   ✓ Restrict template design access to ensure consistency
✓ 1 template can create unlimited tombstones            ✓ Never create one tombstone at a time again



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