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9 Reasons Why An Excel Experience Database is Not Recommended

Welcome to the fourth post in a new series discussing proprietary experience databases for professional service firms. This series is a practical guide that explains how bankers, lawyers and accountants use insights from the client transactions they advise to better serve clients and improve their organization. This post … Read More

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10 Steps to Creating A Proprietary Client Experience Database

Welcome to the third post in our series about proprietary transaction databases for corporate deal advisors. Whether you are an investment banker, lawyer, management consultant, or accountant proprietary data is being used to differentiate professional service providers based on client experiences. … Read More

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What To Record In Your M&A Database

Welcome to the second post in our series about proprietary transaction databases for corporate deal advisors. Whether you are an investment banker, M&A lawyer, or tax accountant proprietary data is differentiating the offering and quality of professional service providers. Creating … Read More

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Client experience database: An overview for bankers and lawyers

Welcome to the first post in a series discussing proprietary transaction databases in professional service firms. This series is a practical guide that discusses how investment bankers, lawyers and accountants can capture and create insights from transactions they have advised to provide better advice … Read More

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10 Ways Our Customers Are Using Closed Transactions to Run Their Business

Our customers store thousands of transactions on our platform. The data stored for each transaction is different for each company dependent on the needs of the advisor and deal type. We have been servicing customers for three years and during this time we … Read More

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Five Ways To Market A Closed Transaction

Transaction professionals are bad at proactive marketing. Which is to be expected. Transaction teams work with tight deadlines on complex and time consuming situations. Then after one engagement is complete, the team is disbanded and assigned to the next deal. This cycle does not allow much time (or energy) between engagements to create thoughtful marketing content. At Pitchly we are strong advocates for professional services firms to invest in… … Read More

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5 things a proposed M&A fee structure signals to shareholders

Like most things in investment banking setting fee structures is more art than science. Setting an appropriate win-win fee relies on a strong relationship and a keen sense of understanding both adviser and shareholder viewpoints. Each fee structure signals five things to shareholders. You would be wise to consider each of these components next time you price a sell-side engagement. … Read More

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How Transaction Tombstones Win M&A Advisory Mandates

Transaction tombstones were conceived in the Securities Act of 1933 which required the publication of a tombstone to be printed in a newspaper as the last step in a transaction involving the sale of equity securities. Since then, transaction tombstones have morphed into a standard … Read More

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The 5 Things Your M&A Firm Website Needs To Convert

The traditional sales cycle is dead. Customers progress 57 percent of traditional purchasing habits by themselves. Your website should leverage transaction experience to funnel website visitors to connecting with the right person at your firm. … Read More

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