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Peter Hill<i>, Vice President - Investment Banking</i>

Comparable deal information is paramount to our business. Pitchly is our single source of truth to share and use experiences between offices and service lines.

Peter Hill, Vice President – Investment Banking
Quinn Pierson<i>, Associate - Investment Banking</i>

With Pitchly it is easy to search all of our experiences to isolate comparable transaction information and integrated pitchbook content. It is awesome!

Quinn Pierson, Associate – Investment Banking

Pitchly integrates proprietary experience and content to give your deal team super powers!

Accurate and complete comparable data

The average investment bank using Pitchly stores 87 data points for each deal and because they were the advisor each experience is complete and 100% accurate, unlike MergerMarket and Pitchbook comparable data!

Capture experience before it walks out on you!

Investment banks suffer from high staff turnover. Pitchly’s easy-to-use database and connected apps (i.e. Tombstones) incentivize analysts to record advisory experiences, so when they leave the firm’s intellectual property remains.

Custom input forms with approval workflow

Make the deal collection process easier by creating multiple forms to accommodate different deal types and information needs. Host forms so assistants can input data, and include an approver user to accept input form into the database.

Integrate to automate experience collection

Pitchly can integrate to billing and CRM software to automatically create new experience records in Pitchly and sync client records between the software products that power your business easily.

Tombstones linked to source data

Tombstones in old pitchbooks are often difficult to isolate the exact deal it relates to and this can easily lead to incorrect duplication. Pitchly’s integrated database approach provides source data directly to each Tombstone.

Team CVs that are always up to date

Pitchly integrates Team CVs directly to automatically create proposal content from database input values for export to PowerPoint and Word for proposals.

Case study for each record, automatically!

Pitchly’s Case study app lets users design the layout, and elements, and link data from the database to automatically create a case study for each client experience in your database.

Export Pitchly content into proposals easily

Content stored in Pitchly exports into Microsoft Office documents for continued editing and inclusion in proposal documents. Pitchly’s content can also be integrated directly into Proposal software applications to provide an comprehensive automatic content library at your fingertips.

Integrate with Proposal software

Pitchly’s automated content library of tombstones, case studies, and team CVs can be integrated into most proposal software providers to streamline proposal preparation and keep a dynamic library of content from Pitchly instead of uploading each single piece of content from a specific point in time.

Manage client logos and information easily

Create a company database in Pitchly to maintain a single record of specific fields useful to comparable company analysis and marketing to link to experience records.

Secure data from external and internal threats

Pitchly’s application protects data from external threats through robust encryption and access protocols, and internal threats by allowing administrators to restrict user access and export privileges to data, and capture user actions in logs and audit trails.

Learn How Pitchly Can Create an Experience Collection Process at Your Firm

Pitchly’s content service platform provides a configurable framework to collect, organize, and activate your firm’s experience intellectual property. Learn the benefits of Pitchly by downloading the investment banking overview by entering your below.

Learn How Pitchly Can Create an Experience Collection Process at Your Firm