World class security comes standard

Pitchly secures experience data from internal and external threats


Pitchly allows us to restrict the user’s ability to view and export sensitive information while transmitting and storing information with bank-class encryption standards

Morten Dahl<i>, Senior Associate - Transaction Services</i>
Morten Dahl, Senior Associate – Transaction Services

Your client’s data is vulnerable, secure it with Pitchly

PowerPoint and Excel are insecure. Pitchly encrypts sensitive client information and documents to make them worthless to intruders, while protecting your information from internal leaks.

Your client's data is vulnerable, secure it with Pitchly
Define user permissions

The first line of defense against client information leaks is from internal employees. Set robust permissions to databases, specific database fields and connected applications to easily restrict access to sensitive information.

Restrict data and content export

Not only can you restrict access to a database or application but Pitchly allows the restriction of certain user actions like exporting data to Excel. This second-layer security makes it harder for sensitive information to walk out your door.

Encryption comes standard

Pitchly is multi-tenant SaaS model delivered over the internet as a reliable service. Our service is secured by SSL 256-bit transfer, AES 256 encrypted data for file transfers and Amazon AWS for static encryption of information in their network of ISO 27001 certified data centers