Capture experience how you want easily

Easy to use database that configures to meet your information and user needs


We purchased Pitchly to manage our Tombstones but it quickly become the preferred Knowledge Management Solution for the Business Development team

Claire Thompson<i>, Business Development Manager - Transactional Practices</i>
Claire Thompson, Business Development Manager – Transactional Practices

Collect and organize experience the way you want

Pitchly’s experience platform can be configured to meet your experience collection procedures and unique data fields and values without having to call us.

Collect and organize experience the way you want
Easily manage and search information

Account administrators can modify database fields and input values and restrict user access permissions for each database in Pitchly. Pitchly’s industry leading filter and search bar makes finding specific experiences a breeze.

Custom input forms with approval workflow

Make the deal collection process easier by creating multiple forms to accommodate different experience types and information needs. Host forms so assistants can input data, and include a user to approve and accept input form into the database.

Manage client logos and information easily

Create a company database in Pitchly to maintain a single record of client/company logos, experiences and authorization to use their logo in firm marketing and to reuse logo in other experiences and content easily.