Database Structure That Makes Sense

Enforce database entry values to ensure consistent data between teams


Pitchly provides a simple solution to store detailed information about transactions for attorneys and marketing collateral and data for our team

Claire Thompson<i>, Business Development Manager - Transactional Practices</i>
Claire Thompson, Business Development Manager – Transactional Practices

Collect and organize experience the way you want

Pitchly’s experience platform can be configured to meet your experience collection procedures and unique data fields and values without having to call us.

Collect and organize experience the way you want
Manage database fields easily

You are in control of each field within Pitchly. Add, edit, rename, and delete fields without contacting us or requiring a developer.

Structure data with lists and tags

Create structure in your data by defining single-choice list values and multi-choice tags values to accommodate complex fields like: Industry, Team member and Deal Type.

Configure forms to capture data

Drag database fields into Form application to create custom input forms. Host forms outside of Pitchly for non-Pitchly users (admin assistants) to input information.

Define user role to input data

Delegate permission to control users that can: read data, write new records, and edit records to accommodate workflow and confidentiality needs.

Attach files to records

Attach documents to a record as a source document and to share with other users. Engagement Letters, Proposals, Company logo images are popular attachments.

Link records with references

Create single and multiple reference links between databases to reduce manual input and create more robust searches.