Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions about our service.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! All of our plans start with a free 30 day free trial. When you approach the 30 day trial period you will  have the option of entering you billing details and registering for the paid plan you selected.

How can I provide feedback regarding product features or functionality?

Great question we love feedback! Please provide feedback directly within the pitchly application using the “?” button located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen!

What happens to our data if we delete our team?

Your plan can be cancelled anytime. We think your data is more valuable when used with pitchly’s great features but we can export your data if you would like a copy.

My colleague is using pitchly, how can I request access to his team?

We do not allow outsiders to request access to a team, for security reasons they must be invited by an existing member. The easiest way to request access is to walk to her desk and ask her to invite you by following these three steps: 1) clicking the settings cog menu in the top right hand corner; 2) Click Invite User; and 3) Enter the email address you would like invited!

What counts as a transaction towards our host limit?

When a user completes the “Add Transaction” form, in our Tombstone database a transaction is stored in your team and is counted towards your monthly tombstone limit. Each transaction automatically generates a tombstone. A user can also create a case study for each transaction and assign multiple team members for search and audit purposes.

Should I worry about my data being compromised using pitchly?

Pitchly uses the same level of transfer protocol and storage encryption as the worlds largest banks. Your data is safe with us.