CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – October 2, 2018 –  Pitchly, Inc., the leading cloud-based content service platform for professional service firms to organize and activate their proprietary client experience, today announced the release of the Pitchly Forms App, the latest application developed for the company’s content management platform. The Forms app allows all authorized business users to easily add important business data into an experience database. The Forms App was introduced today at LMA Tech Midwest, where Pitchly is a Megabyte sponsor.


“The Forms app is a powerful tool that enables business users to easily build simple, customizable electronic forms that can be posted on any website or intranet application and breakdown input requirements by form recipients,” explained Michael Brook, CTO of Pitchly. “This feature extends the value of the Pitchly platform to any corporate user, enabling them to create new records in a database without logging in to Pitchly.”


Pitchly organizes individual and group experiences in a structured data platform that allows clients to produce compelling content that leverages the collective knowledge base. Typically, these are manual efforts; Pitchly adds the intelligence to make pitch books, presentations and other client-facing media compelling and repeatable, while allowing organizations to perform research and analytics on prior client service engagements.

“The Forms app combined with the document builder app released earlier this year empowers Pitchly users to manage their valuable experience data from inception to presentment,” commented Ryan Gerhardy, Pitchly CEO. “The forms app is the result of direct feedback from our growing customer base to enable them to manage how users enter information in Pitchly by tailoring forms to suit their audience”.

“For instance, attorneys do not have time to enter 20 fields for a new record in Pitchly and therefore often decide not to. Our research shows that when an attorney is asked to enter five or fewer fields, their engagement increases 50%,” continued Gerhardy. “The forms app allows each new record to be entered by multiple participants in an account with approval workflows, which increases user engagement as well as the accuracy of the information.” 

The forms app is now available as part of all Pitchly subscriptions, which are available from the company’s website. Organizations can also contact Pitchly directly at 917-417-1335 and


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Pitchly is a leading cloud-based content services platform for professional service firms to organize and activate their intellectual property. Pitchly provides a robust user-friendly database service to record proprietary experience activating this information for knowledge workers to win more clients. Advisors use Pitchly as a proprietary client engagement database to record specific data points about services they advise. This proprietary data is used to better serve clients and market to prospective customers with relevant industry and deal insights and connect applications from Pitchly’s proprietary library ( to enhance the value and functionality of a database. Learn more at, and read more about how your advisory firm can automatically generate business development content from proprietary experience ( or follow us on Twitter @PitchlyInc.


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