Cloud Content Services Developer Adds Venture Capital and Content Analytics Executives  

DES MOINES, IOWA – May 16, 2018 –  Pitchly, Inc., the leading cloud-based content service platform for M&A professionals to organize and activate their proprietary client experience, today announced the appointment of Ryan Gerhardy as Chief Executive Officer and the addition of Tim Dubes as Chief Marketing Officer.


Mr. Gerhardy is the co-founder of Pitchly and has now assumed full-time strategic leadership of the organization. For the past four years Ryan has been a senior associate with late-stage venture capital firm Next Level Ventures. He has extensive professional experience as an investment banker and venture capitalist and has provided valuable strategic and operational guidance to nine fast-growing SaaS companies including Iowa-based Dwolla and BirdDogHR.


Mr. Dubes has 25 years’ experience in content capture and analytics solutions. Most recently, he led the marketing efforts for Ephesoft, an AI driven content capture start up in Southern California. Under Mr. Dubes’ marketing leadership, Ephesoft grew from $4M to $25M in annual revenue, with a successful $15M Series A funding event in 2017.


“Tim brings critical strategic direction to Pitchly in our core markets of content services and experience management for the M&A community,“ commented Ryan Gerhardy, CEO of Pitchly. “We are continuing to add resources to our sales and marketing teams to support our outstanding Engineering and Product Development groups. Tim’s work on corporate positioning, brand building and solution marketing will lead our vital growth initiatives.”


“Pitchly has a fantastic, high-value platform for law firms, advisors, accountants and banks that deal with mergers and acquisitions,” explained Dubes. “Pitchly’s unique value proposition is the ability to organize individual and group experiences in a structured platform that allows clients to produce compelling content that leverages the collective knowledge base. Typically, these are manual efforts; Pitchly adds the intelligence to make pitch books, presentations and other client-facing media compelling and repeatable.”


About Pitchly

Pitchly is a leading cloud-based content services platform for M&A professionals to organize and activate their intellectual property. Pitchly provides a robust user-friendly database service to record proprietary experience activating this information for knowledge workers to win more clients. Advisors use Pitchly as a proprietary transaction database to record specific data points about deals they advise. This proprietary data is used to better serve clients and market to prospective customers with relevant industry and deal insights, or to use the tombstones automatically generated for each deal stored in Pitchly. Learn more at, and read more about how your advisory firm can automatically generate business development content from proprietary experience ( or follow us on Twitter @PitchlyInc.


Ryan Gerhardy
Pitchly announced co-founder Ryan Gerhardy’s CEO appointment on May 18, 2018. He now assumes full-time strategic leadership of the company.


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