DES MOINES, IOWA – FEBRUARY 23, 2018 –  Pitchly, Inc., the leading content service platform for M&A professionals to organize and activate their proprietary client experience, has revamped its website in anticipation of the next major product update and focus to be the leading content service platform for M&A professionals.  The anticipated update will allow Pitchly customers to connect to its software like never before and increase the value they receive from storing experience in Pitchly.

“We are very excited to announce to the market that Pitchly is focused on delivering dynamic content as a service, ” said Ryan Gerhardy, Account Executive and Director of Pitchly. “We have revolutionized how experience tombstones are created and managed, and now we are focusing on the rest of the proposal and enabling the internal workflows that support it.”

Clients will see this new vision reflected in changes to the pricing structure, new solution pages and the announcement of available applications utilizing Pitchly’s microservices architecture.

“We are not a one trick pony. Customers store hundreds of thousands of data points with Pitchly and we want to enable the creation and use of real-time content analytics to inform and market their services” said Gerhardy. ”

The pricing tab displays a new pricing structure to accommodate individuals, teams, companies and enterprises. The structures show more detail about users, records and features. Interested companies can start a free trial for an ‘Individual,’ ‘Team,’ or schedule a demo with Pitchly for companies and Enterprises.

“Our pricing is a reflection of the success achieved by our customers, both small and large. We are focused on providing unlimited value to our customers, and this pricing structure aligns our interests with our customers – as our service becomes more valuable to them we receive a declining-portion of those benefits”, said Megan Berberich, Marketing Manager of Pitchly.”

Whether clients use Pitchly for its world-class security, dynamic content library, or structured collaboration, the newest Solution Pages explore the key benefits of using Pitchly’s product. Solutions are categorized by need: Knowledge Management, Structured data collaboration, Dynamic content library, Connect to existing database and Experience security.

“The underlying magic of our service is providing a single source of experience and activating it to increase proposal win rates by 14% while saving 100% of the time previously spent creating, updating, and managing experience content. For professional service firms that want to grow top-line revenue and reduce proposal development cost, Pitchly is a no-brainer” said Gerhardy.

Connect more applications than ever before. Customers activate their experience with Pitchly’s custom Tombstones, Team CVs, Case Studies and Form applications. Deal Lists, Conflict checks, Dashboard, League Tables and User Log and Audit Trails will soon be available for integration.

Existing Pitchly customers are encouraged to re-evaluate their current plans and look for opportunities to upgrade features, and benefit from increased user and record limits and contact us for early access to released and planned applications. Pitchly will be communicating the benefits of the upgrades to their respective customers this month.

About Pitchly

Pitchly is a leading cloud-based content services platform for M&A professionals to organize and activate their intellectual property. Pitchly provides a robust user-friendly database service to record proprietary experience activating this information for knowledge workers to win more clients. Advisors use Pitchly as a proprietary transaction database to record specific data points about deals they advise. This proprietary data is used to better serve clients and market to prospective customers with relevant industry and deal insights, or to use the tombstones automatically generated for each deal stored in Pitchly. Firms can create a new database or migrate an existing Excel database to get started. Learn more at, and read more about how your advisory firm can automatically generate business development content from proprietary experience ( or follow us on Twitter @PitchlyInc.

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