Collect, organize, and activate your IP

Empower your team with the right data and content to win client engagements

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Single source of experience

Share experiences between teams and service lines to create a single reliable information source for proposals

Built for business users

Beautiful platform designed to be the single source of truth for knowledge workers to organize and activate their experience

Consistent experience data

Manage data input settings to standardize experience information between service lines and offices

Attach source documents

Attach documents into an experience record for safekeeping and as a source for information

Complex search made easy

Create complex search queries using our proprietary filter to isolate specific experiences quickly

Applications to make life easier

Connect applications from our library to automate repetitive tasks and create business development content easily

How it works

We are experts at deploying cloud experience management solutions for professional service organizations. We work with each customers to construct a database structure and workflow that meets their unique needs.

Create a database

We create at least two databases for each new customer. First, a “experience database” which stores data about specific client experiences. Second, a shared “Company” database to store client and counterparty information. We can migrate existing information to setup Pitchly and can connect to third party software to automatically capture experience.

How it works

Configure to meet your needs

Customers can configure the fields (columns) and input values for each database to meet their workflow and data requirements.

How it works

Connect applications

Connect one or more applications to each of your databases to accomplish a variety of data-driven marketing and business development tasks. Or connect no applications and still enjoy the benefits of a robust database platform.

How it works

Invite team to collaborate

Invite users to the organization and assign individual user permission to databases, applications, and features within. For instance, a law firm may invite Graphic Design team members to create templates in the Tombstone Application connected to their experience database.

How it works

Create notifications

Customers can create email notifications to alert Pitchly users of specific actions. For instance, investment banking associates could receive a weekly “new deals added” email notifying them of additional experiences completed across their organization.

How it works


Enjoy watching your administration, marketing, business development, and front office advisors collaborate in a single source of experience truth!

How it works