Simple pricing for small and large advisory firms

Try a 14 day free trial, no credit card required

  • 50 transactions included*

  • Minimum 5 users

  • Includes:

  • Custom database fields
  • Attach documents to deals
  • Custom tombstone design
  • Export database to Excel
  • Export tombstone images
  • Export tombstone PowerPoint
  • Email and chat support

  • 100 transactions included*

  • Minimum 20 users

  • Team features plus:

  • Migrate existing database
  • Granular user permissions
  • Consolidated billing and admin
  • Priority support
  • Custom forms (coming soon)
  • Deal tearsheets (coming soon)

  • 500 transactions included*

  • Minimum 40 users

  • Company features plus:

  • Manage multiple databases
  • API and developer access
  • Data backup and retrieval
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Workflow approvals (coming soon)
  • Reports (coming soon)


Frequently asked questions

We don't have a database, can we still use Pitchly?

Yes! You can select a deal database template from our library to get started. You can also upload an existing Excel document which is used to submit closed deals to league table providers or other records of completed engagements from billing systems or Excel exports from other M&A sources.

Can you help us find company logos for tombstones?

Yes! For a small fee you can provide us a Excel csv file with transaction data for upload and we can use some Pitchly magic to populate company logos for each party mentioned in a transactions.

Why do you have transaction limits?

We believe the more transactions you store in Pitchly the more value you receive from our service. We have a direct cost for storing additional transaction data and because you receive more value from more transactions we believe it is fair to charge more.

How do I get more transaction storage?

When you are approaching your limit a warning will appear. You can elect to add more transactions or contact your Account Executive for bulk transaction purchases.